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February 2024 New Moon: Channel, Change & Innovate

There will be a new moon in Dhanishta nakshatra on February 9. Dhanishta means wealthy. Its shakti is the power to give wealth and fame. It is symbolized by a musical drum that relates to dance as well as to change and innovation. It brings a good time for channeling higher knowledge. It is ruled by the 8 Vasus to lend support: Appa (water), Druva (fixed), Dhara (holding), Anila (wind), Pratyusha (dawn), Prubhasha (spreading light), Soma (moon)

This new moon promotes musical and financial pursuits for the month that are practical, because it is in Capricorn. How can you delve deeper into music, or re-introduce it to your life to bring joy and moment-to-moment awareness? How can you use this time to bring more intention to financial matters and not postpone important activities? Where can you be more organized and disciplined and do what is necessary and pragmatic?

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