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A Harbinger of Change - New Moon in Revati & Solar Eclipse

There will be a New Moon in Revati nakshatra on Monday, April 8.  Revati means ‘wealthy’ and its Shakti is the power to give nourishment. It is symbolized by a drum and its desire is to become lord of the animals. It is ruled by Pushan the deity related to nourishment, animals, refugees and safe traveling.

This New Moon is auspicious for giving to those in need and being extra kind and attentive to old people or those who are dying. If you have been thinking about improving your nutrition and what types of foods you put into your body, this is a good time to commit or re-commit.

This solar eclipse is getting a lot of press because it can be seen across large parts of the United States in its totality, including near where I live. It will last almost twice as long as the one in 2017, making it more powerful. As a harbinger of change, within four weeks of the eclipse you may notice significant events related to international politics and/or natural disasters. It can also signify positive or negative events in an individual’s life, depending on how it overlays over the person’s horoscope in the chart.

Eclipses are always good for spiritual development. If you can reduce your worldly interactions on Monday, do it. Consider eating less or fasting, meditating, reflecting, journaling, and cultivating equanimity.

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