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Support, Offerings & Community
for the Spiritual Journey

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Welcome to the ParaNadam community!

A Connection Point for the Transformational Journey

ParaNadam offers music, mantra meditations, satsangs, retreats and community to support spiritual practice and Divine connection. ParaNadam is an ambience, a contemplative container, a link between the mystical and the physical, a symbol of the perennial Teachings of Truth, a connection point for the transformational journey. Inspired and Guided by Himalayan Master & Satguru Sri Svami Purnaji Maharaj, ParaNadam provides a platform of music and various other spiritually based offerings to remind souls of their Divine Nature and True Source. 


Upcoming Events

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Inspire and support your spiritual life with community connection via regular events and receive access to these empowered offerings for practice. Available to you anytime, anywhere.

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Kirtan, Mantra Music & Mantra Chant Tracks

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Live-Streamed Satsangs & Events

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Empowered Transmission Meditations

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Private Community Events & Forums

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Mantra & Puja Guidebooks

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Yoga Asana

Video Library

Videos to Support Sadhana