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About ParaNadam

What is a temple without chanting; What is the spiritual path without devotion; What is Knowledge without Love; What is worship without music? We all have experienced the power of music and sound. Music and sound can provide a profound link between the mystical and the physical. It has the unique ability to touch and shift something deep within us, to evoke emotion, to heal, and to heighten our connection to something beyond. It is known that yogic systems of ancient eastern traditions use the power of sound to achieve higher states of consciousness, as a tool to commune with the Supreme. It is said that the role of any artist in these traditions is to use their medium to elevate their audience to a state of divine passion, to use the form to experience formlessness, to manipulate the external so that it guides us deeply inwards allowing access to areas of consciousness that might otherwise not be accessible. And with this we go beyond "Para", the sound, “Nadam”; we beyond ourselves, beyond life as we know it to be, traversing the inner landscape as we follow the call to reclaim our true potential and submerge with that Supreme Reality.


This is the purpose of ParaNadam.

The Inspiration and Guidance

ParaNadam was created in 2012 under the inspiration of Brian & Isha's Teacher - Enlightened Himalayan Master Sri Sri Sri Svami Purna Ji Maharaj. The initiative is guided by Sri Svamiji's timeless Teachings of Self-realization and the Mantras and Energy that empower the music are offered by Sri Svamiji for the upliftment of all.  For many decades Sri Svamiji has been teaching tirelessly - across the world - the message of unity and responsibility of self to support harmony within oneself, one’s relationships and one’s environment. Sri Svamiji represents Universal knowledge and He is highly regarded as a true World Teacher. Beyond all traditions His Teachings address relevant aspects of the human condition, exploring the pathway leading to spiritual understanding, real contentment and Ultimate fulfillment. Sri Svamiji's Energy and Guidance allow the opportunity for ParaNadam to create a direct link to Divine Energy. Without Sri Svamiji there would be no ParaNadam. For more information visit Adhyatmik Foundation.

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Members of ParaNadam

Brian and Isha were joined together for the purpose of serving and supporting others on their path. Their devotion and determination to serve a Higher purpose is the basis for their partnership and their intention is to inspire others to practice and apply Higher knowledge and teachings in one’s life, to awaken the heart and spirit of devotion, and to nurture the practices of compassion & service.

Brian Nager

Brian is first and foremost a teacher of the enlightenment process ( and for the past two decades has been guiding and inspiring spiritual seekers from all over to uncover their True and Limitless Self. Brian's signature use of energy transmissions for spiritual evolution naturally aligned with the initiative of ParaNadam under the Guidance of his Satguru Sri Svamiji. Seeing music as a means to convey Truth and transmit evolutionary energies, Brian engaged in focused study of tabla, dholak, guitar, sound engineering, recording and videography to support the development of ParaNadam. His resolve to follow his Guruji's Guidance and to serve the dharma by supporting people on their spiritual path is his life's dedication. He provides grace, energy, and connection to the timeless teaching of Truth as he inspires the exploration of the Eternal Self using ParaNadam as a medium to support that journey.

Isha Nager

Isha began her life path with a deeply engrained yearning for spiritual connection and purpose, a strong compass for Truth, and a desire to serve the dharma. At a very young age she began exhibiting natural musical talent in singing and songwriting. Throughout her formative years she underwent training in music and vocal performance and by the age of 16 was writing and performing her own compositions. She went on to train as a classical vocalist and received a BA in classical vocal performance from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. Disillusioned by the world of commercial music, she turned to healing, yoga, and various teachings of Eastern philosophy which eventually led her to her Guruji and Master HH Sri Svamiji. It was Sri Svamiji who encouraged her to come back to music and through ParaNadam discover the true purpose of her voice and songwriting gifts. The melodies that spontaneously came forth from her mind and heart to accompany the mantras given and blessed by Sri Svamiji became ParaNadam's first album  "From Darkness to Light" released in 2012. Isha found her passion and soul purpose in using her voice to express the spiritual and mystical.  Her personal dharma is to offer her musical gifts to inspire others to join in on this transcendent process of Divine attunement.  

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