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What are the Mahavakyas?

The term "MahaVakyas" translates to "Great Sayings". These four succinct yet profound expressions are not mere words. The Mahavakyas are profound teachings that unveil the interconnectedness of Absolute Reality (Brahman) and the essence of the soul (Atman).

In the realm of Advaita Vedanta, these MahaVakyas stand as the quintessential cornerstone, encapsulating its core principles. As we delve into these monumental utterances, we come to understand that all spiritual teachings, regardless of our individual interpretations, emanate from these MahaVakyas. They are the timeless Truths from which infinite insights and understandings radiate. The very fact that these four sayings are grouped together under the title of "MahaVakya" speaks volumes about their centrality and potency in guiding seekers towards a profound realization of truth.

The four main Mahavakyas:

Tat Tvam Asi: You are That,

Aham Brahmasmi: I am that Pure Consciousness,

Pragyanam Brahma: The Highest Wisdom is Brahman,

Ayam Atma Brahma: The Self is Brahman, the Supreme.

You can enjoy these Mahavakyas in this music meditation video on YouTube below.

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