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Music and Mantra to support the Transformational Journey



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ParaNadam releases new album “Madhuram” (sweetness in Sanskrit) - a sonic invocation to experience the sweetness and bliss of the Eternal. Featuring a new sound of deeply soulful, rich melodies, Sanskrit mantras and transcendent English lyrics, the intention of the album is to carry the listener to another realm...a realm of sweetness, love, intention, compassion, connection and celebration. The album was created utilizing the practice of Nada Yoga - the practice of using sound as a means for evolution and spiritual growth and a tool to transmit healing and uplifting energy.

Written and produced by ParaNadam husband and wife duo Brian & Isha Nager in Ojai, California, this compilation of songs offer a glimpse into the culmination of 10 years of supporting retreat environments and meditative practice in the US, India and Europe. Expect a full wash of ambient sound to envelop you - a result of working with multi-platinum mixer and sound designer Yoad Nevo who beautifully polished the bands new sound.


“For us this album marks a crowning moment in our journey as the quality and depth of the compositions, lyrics and music rose to a whole other level of clarity and intention. It is so satisfying to hear songs that we’ve been playing live for almost 10 years finally captured in a way that really communicates the fullness of our hearts experience.”


ParaNadam was created in 2012 under the inspiration of Brian & Isha's Teacher - Himalayan Master Sri Svami Purna Ji Maharaj. ParaNadam is guided by the timeless Teachings of Self-realization and the Mantras and Energy that empower the music are offered by Sri Svamiji for the upliftment of all. Brian and Isha collectively bring forth decades of their experience in spiritual teaching, contemplative practice, and healing work into their music as well as a strong connection to the Himalayan lineage from which these mantras and practices originated. 


The 6 track album, “Madhuram” released to all streaming platforms October 14, 2022. 



ParaNadam is a sacred mantra and transcendent musical vehicle based in Ojai, CA and led by husband and wife duo Brian & Isha Nager.

The Sanskrit name "ParaNadam" means beyond ("Para"'), the physical sound ("Nadam") and points to the Reality that exists beyond the 'sounds' or vibrations of life. Inspired and Guided by Himalayan Master & Satguru Sri Svami Purnaji Maharaj, this musical vehicle was formed to offer music that reminded souls of their Divine Nature and True Source, while refocusing minds on the true meaning of life.


Featuring singer-songwriter Isha Nager, and spiritual teacher and multi-instrumentalist Brian Nager ParaNadam has been described as a spiritual experience, hypnotic and timeless. Their compositions masterfully interweave profound sanskrit chants, prayers and devotional hymns passed down from the rich spiritual heritage of enlightened sages of ancient India, with contemplative english lyrics, and soulful, heart-stirring music and vocal melodies. 



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Download the lyrics and translation of the mantras and bhajans below.



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