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Gratitude for the Year

It's always a wonderful practice to review what you have accomplished in all aspects of life and growth at the closing of a year. It helps to reevaluate what is most meaningful to you and how to make the best use of your time going forward. In our work personally we are constantly creating and the never-ending to-do lists can often have us forget how much we have actually accomplished and so we forget to celebrate and honor the work we have completed - whether that be personal, creative, or spiritual work.

Some things we'd like to celebrate and share with you that you have ALL been a part of... whether you have attended Satsangs, supported via words of encouagement or donations, or even if you have just read our have been a support for ParaNadam. So thank you!

ParaNadam Notable Moments of 2023

The release of Payoji Maine music video in collaboration with third-generation Sarangi artist filmed in India - Nabeel Khan.

A wonderful Retreat and Kirtan celebration in Miami, FL hosted by our dear friends.

The release of Shiva Shambo in collaboration with UK-based award-winning producer Niraj Chag.

The release of JAI MA - an invocatory bhajan honoring the Divine Mother.

The launch of the ParaNadam KULA platform to offer various media materials to support the spiritual journey and a way to connect more personally with the sangha - our spiritual community.

Our first viral YouTube video where many enjoyed the practice of chanting the names of Durga Devi during Maha Navaratri.

These were just some of the notable moments that we are beyond grateful for and of course we'd also like to take a moment to honor our Satguruji Sri Svamiji for His Teaching and all that has been imparted to us in order to make all of this possible. JAI GURUDEV!

Thank you all and we look forward to all the beauty and magic that 2024 will bring.

<3 Isha & Brian

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