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Full Moon in Swati Nakshatra

There will be a full moon in Swati nakshatra in Libra on Tuesday, April 23, 2024. Swati means ‘independent one’ and is symbolized by a young sprout swaying in the wind. Imagine a hike in the mountains and seeing a little flower growing out of the rock. Seems delicate but how strong do you have to be to grow out of a rock? Its Shakti is the power to scatter like the wind and its desire is the freedom to move at will. It’s a wonderful nakshatra for traveling and for disbursing knowledge.

This three-day period - the full moon day and the day before and the day after - is excellent for remembering that God’s delays are not God’s denials. If there is a new beginning happening for you that is somewhat tenuous or not as smooth as planned, persevere. Pranayama practices are supported. Even something as simple as ‘channel breath’ can be helpful. One cycle looks like this: breathe in through the crown of your head, down the spine to the belly; breathe out down the tailbone into the earth, breathe in from the earth up the tailbone into the belly, breathe out up the spine up through the crown of the head. If you like, do this three times. Consider engaging the bhandas to bring more focus and presence to the moment.

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