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New Moon: Let Go and Let God

There will be a New Moon in Bharni nakshatra on Tuesday, May 7.  Bharni means ‘she who bears’ and is symbolized by a vulva. Its shakti is the power to carry things away and its desire is to be the lord of the ancestors. It is ruled over by Yama, god of death and king of justice.

This New Moon is auspicious for clearing things away that have concluded. It is supportive of social justice, making good judgments, and a strong sense of duty. Fairness is highlighted, and forgiveness.

The cycle of birth and death can be applied to people, ideas, habits, seasons, and more. This month is asking you to intentionally let go of old energy so that new energy can come in. Who do you need to forgive? What thought pattern or disempowering belief needs to die? What new belief can come in? What would fun and lighthearted look like this month? Where can you be more discerning and fairer in your judgments? Where can you let go of judgment? Make it a practice to surrender, to let go and let god.

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