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What is the Lion's Gate Portal?

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

If you are in any way connected to various spiritual circles or spiritual media you would have heard in the more recent years about the "Lion's Gate Portal" happening on August 8th. These past several years I admit I did not give it much attention as I was deterred by all the new-agey propaganda focused on manifestation of desires...quite the opposite of what I'd like to focus on. How about dissolution of all desires? When is that holiday? 😂 Anyway, for some reason this year I decided to look into this a little more and make better use of the energy that astrologically is being made available to us. After all, anything can be useful for growth as long as you can put it in the right context!

Apart from all the manifestation things you hear about, the Lion's Gate Portal is a significant astrological event that occurs every year which gives rise to potential opportunities for highly empowered practice. Why? Well according to a number of astrologists "the magical vitality of the Sun (the natural ruler of the zodiac sign Leo) is at an all-time high" which is what gave rise to the name "Lion's Gate". We are all very familiar with sun practices in yogic tradition (and many spiritual traditions) as the sun is not only a powerful natural energy source but a spiritual force that reflects the light of the Supreme within ourselves and everything around us. Lion's Gate also has to do with the star Sirius which is able to be seen during this time at a significant degree as it separates from the sun. According to Joanna Gillan, writer & editor of Ancient Origins, "throughout the course of human civilization, from ancient times to the present day, Sirius has maintained its association with divinity and has been revered as a profound source of great knowledge and power. " It is referred to in several ancient texts (even the Vedas!) as being highly significant in its astrological and energetic influence. Being the brightest star viewed from Earth it has held a position of great meaning for countless civilizations in areas of natural predictions to ritualistic worship as its light and energy has been believed to have a special activating and elevating quality - since after all, everything is made of light and energy. If we are fundamentally made of light and energy then connecting to great sources of light and energy can remind us of our True Nature. With the particular linear alignment of Sirius, the Sun and the Earth, it is believed an energetic path or "portal" opens and this energy can be utilized for spiritual activation and an empowerment of intentions.

It is no secret that we are deeply affected by the natural forces around us. These forces externally reflect the forces within. The more we revere the external and recognize and respect their power the more we perhaps can elevate and maintain the harmony of these forces within ourselves. This is why we take the time to do practice during certain natural astrological events like full moons, new moons, solstices, etc. and the Lion's Gate is no different! Why not make use of this astrological opportunity?

How to make the most of Lion's Gate astrological event

1. Everyone has their "go-to" practices whether it be mantra, movement, meditation, puja/ritual, contemplation, or even communion with nature. Do whatever you feel called to do with the intention for it to be empowered by the Lion's Gate energy. Anything done with focused intention, mindfulness and sincerity can be a tool for transformation.

2. The most impactful times for practice (especially if associated with the Sun) is at sunrise and sunset so if you can schedule your practices around these times that would be ideal.

3. Gayatri mantra or the chanting of AUM or OM are wonderful practices to invoke, activate and make use of Sun energy. The Upanishads say that the Sun chants OM as it moves in the sky (how beautiful is that?!). "That which is the Sun (Aditya) beyond is the upward chant. He is primal sound. He chants OM as he moves." Chandogya Upanishad I.5.1 Therefore the chanting of OM can also be a great practice for Sun connection and empowerment.

4. Take some extra time to be with yourself and have an overarching intention or sankalpa for your time. Experiment with channeling your energy into not just manifestation of desires (as most articles might suggest) but beyond that. Think of what might be the highest manifestation for yourself in terms of your life, your being, your soul, your evolution and create your intentions with that in mind.

5. Most of all - ENJOY. Make your time special, meaningful, beautiful, sacred, devotional, magical. It is the stirrings of the heart that bring our practices to life and help us to really connect and feel inspired to seek more out of life. The easiest way to bring about that feeling of living connection is to deeply enjoy with all of our hearts and minds what we are doing.

Wishing you all a most glorious practice and personal time in this season. Jai. 🙏🏻


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