Sound in its purest and Highest form is the first vibration from which creation or life itself emanated. As the Sound of the Supreme through us it becomes a way towards positive life changes and inner transformation. Within these Eternal Sounds lies the power of music and the magic that makes it a vehicle through which we connect, feel uplifted, become inspired and are moved from within. The Sound of the Supreme which is ever present, can resonate in our hearts through the beauty of music.

ParaNadam is a musical initiative guided by the Highest Teachings of Truth and by the intention to express the beauty and essence of such perennial Teachings. Through open collaboration, musical talent comes together to create beautiful musical works to be shared for the ages to come. In the spirit of devotion, these offerings are made for the benefit of others. This sound or vibration is a reflection of the same love, wisdom and beauty that has been passed down through the ages and which has such good paper writers immense power to inspire us from within in unimaginably positive ways.

This universal initiative is also carried by the intention to serve humanity, and as such, supports many humanitarian causes through the work of various non-profit projects.



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