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Astrology Corner: August Full Moon

In Vedic Astrology the moon represents the mother, the home, and emotions. During the full moon emotions are strong and can feel like they are overflowing. Many schools, hospitals, and prisons notice a change in behavior during a full moon. A new moon, on the other hand, is dark and may feel emotionally unsupported. It is a good time for reflection, spirituality, and meditation.

Nakshatras are unique to Vedic Astrology and refer to star constellations associated with the position of the moon. There are 27 of them. Ancient myth states that the moon, Chandra, had 27 wives and spent a night with each one as he crossed the sky. Nakshatras are translated to mean lunar mansions.

In general, the three-day period of the full moon including the day before and the day after is a joyous overflow of energy, something coming to fulfillment related to the qualities of the nakshatra it falls in. The 28-day period for the lunar cycle initiated by a new moon relates to lesson that can be learned from the nakshatra it falls in.

On August 30th at 6:25 pm PT there will be a full moon in Shatabhisha nakshatra, which is ruled by Varuna, god of oceans. This is a good time for visiting bodies of water like the ocean, lake, or river. Shatabhisha’s shakti is the power to heal and its name translates to ‘a hundred physicians’. This period is beneficial for healing activities, retreats, and social events. Seek alternative healing methods (to traditional medicine) and be sure to get more than one opinion.

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