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Astrology Corner: Balance the Intuitive and the Productive

There will be a new moon in Jyeshta nakshatra on December 12.  Jyeshta is ruled by Indra, the king of the gods, and its shakti is the power to conquer or rise or overcome. It is associated with leadership, especially in business.  The symbol of Jyeshta is a protective talisman, so it also has spiritualistic inclinations.  It is a nakshatra known to bridge the spiritual and the material world. If you have Jyeshta prominent in your chart, it supports the energy of ‘business person by day, shaman by night’. 

This new moon promotes the energy of achievement and accomplishment, along with authority, good management and leadership. It supports competitive activities and engaging in pursuits.  Even though it is the end of the year and many people are winding down activities, it is an excellent time for meetings and gatherings related to business or household projects. The shamanistic side also makes it a good time for spiritual retreats and gratitude towards your teachers and everyone who supports you.  

The next 30 days promote the balancing of your intuitive side and your productive side. One way to do this is to first connect with your spiritual center, pure consciousness, and meditate. After you have done your meditation, go out there and get things done. Meditate and then act - four words to live by according to my teacher.

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