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Astrology Corner: Correct the Course, Refine Ambitions for this New Moon


There will be a new moon in Purva Ashadha nakshatra on January 11th. Purva Ashada's symbol is a winnowing basket, the basket used to separate wheat from the chaff in the husking process (this represents discernment). Its shakti is the power to energize. Its deity is Apas the god that rules the water element. Its meaning is ‘the early victory’. 

Last month we completed a period where Saturn and Mars were mutually aspecting each other, creating slow and frustrating progress (but progress nonetheless!), like being stuck in rush hour traffic. That traffic has now past. This new moon is aspected by Jupiter which gives expansion and auspicious results. You can expect some frustrations to lift and pursuits to gain momentum – as long as you are discerning in where to best put your efforts and where to invest your time.

Remember that in order to have victory, you must know what that looks like, and then you must overcome the resistance that’s in the way.

What are your desired outcomes or results? The beginning of the year is supportive of correcting the course and refining your ambitions. In a short, simple sentence, describe what result you want with your work, your family, your health, your spiritual journey? Then determine what the obstacles are in the way of achieving that. Use the next 28 days to work on removing these obstacles. 

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