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Astrology Corner - Reflect, Organize, Renew!

There will be a full moon in Ardra nakshatra on December 26. Ardra is symbolized by a tear drop or diamond and means ‘the moist one’. Its Shakti is the power of effort. It connects to trials and tribulations that result in achieving a goal, like the pressures that are required to create a diamond. It relates to new beginnings, usually resulting from letting something go (which can cause tears) to allow new things to grow. Ardra is a nakshatra that is also connected to the search for identity through having a special name, vocation, or talent that allows a person to stand out. 

This is a good time to have multiple things going, working on one until you’re tired or bored and then switching to another without guilt or judgment. This will give you renewed energy, and you can cycle to the first project or activity later. 

Bearing in mind that Mercury is retrograde makes this a good time for reflection, reorganizing, reviewing – both the internal world and the external world. Get rid of clutter in your mind and in your home. Do things you’ve been procrastinating or delaying. The effort will be worth it!

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