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Astrology Corner: September 2023 Full Moon - Stoke the Fires of Introspection

There will be a full moon in Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra on Friday, September 29th. Nakshatras are constellations of stars and mean lunar mansions. This nakshatra is symbolized by the rear legs of a funeral cot which indicates the temporary quality of life. Its desire is to find a firm foundation in life. In eastern traditions there is a practice of meditating on the temporary quality of life as a vehicle for stoking the fires of introspection. Some people even meditate at cemeteries to help sharpen their perspective about what’s most important (which is always spiritual growth).

This is a good time for doing the eulogy journaling exercise:

Thinking out into the future, what do you want people in your life to say when they first find out that your body has died?

If you have not done this exercise before, you may be surprised by what you write. If you have done it before, you’ll find value in iterating your answers each time you do it.

As with all full moons, there can be an abundance of energy and emotions the day before, the day of, and the day after the full moon. Your mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation will help ground you and release energies that don’t serve you.

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