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Astrology Corner: The New Moon - A Good Time to Focus on Partnerships

A New Moon occurs when the Moon is at its complete point of darkness, where it can once again begin to increase in light. It signifies the beginning of a new lunar month. The nakshatra (star constellation) with the moon lends its energy and intentionality for the next 28 days of the lunar month. This lunar month starts the evening of September 14th in the nakshatra Uttara Phalguni, which means Latter Red One. It is symbolized by a bed or hammock and ruled over by Aryaman who is the god of patronage and protection.

Its Shakti (power) is wealth by partnership or marriage (the ultimate partnership). This is a good month to focus on the partnerships in your life, to look for opportunities to give and serve, especially in your family. Focus and honor romantic commitments. This is also a time when you can benefit financially through agreements and contracts with other people. It is helpful to have an intention of being more kind, and noble.

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