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Full Moon in Hasta Nakshatra

There will be a full moon in Hasta nakshatra in Virgo on Monday, March 24, 2024. Hasta means ‘the hand’ and is symbolized by a hand or fist. Its Shakti is the power to place your desire in the palm of your hand. It is ruled by the moon and its desire is ‘to have gods place faith in me’. This nakshatra is associated with doing work with the hands, achieving goals, conquering internal and external enemies, speaking, writing, and a sense of humor. The hand can also symbolize struggle as it can form a fist, especially to fight injustices.

This three-day period - the full moon day and the day before and the day after - is excellent for setting and writing down goals, and taking one small action towards the achievement of that goal. Consider visualizing the goal coming true, and how you would feel in every cell of your body when you achieved it. Hold on to that vibration of achievement and return to it frequently as you work towards the goal. 

If you have let your personal boundaries slip in a relationship or a situation, this is a good time to form a fist and stand up for yourself. Return to your power. 

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