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How Best to Make Use of the KULA Audio Library

We have the blessing of being able to put all of our audios in one place! From mantra meditations to music, transmission tracks and guided meditations, it can seem a bit daunting in terms of where to start and how to really make best use of the audios. Here are a few applications that we have found are most useful and supportive to us in our daily routine:

1. Play a track you intuitively connect to at the start of your day

It is so important to maintain a morning ritual of creating a quiet, contemplative space for yourself and these audios can be so helpful in supporting that. What we usually do is browse through the tracks and see what we are naturally drawn to. Do we want to connect to Shakti/ feminine Power, or perhaps we feel we need something lively like a kirtan to help enliven our spirits, or maybe a soundbowl meditation to help clear the mind...scroll through the audios and see what intuitively feels right for you. Intent to connect to the energy of the track and then relax and let the sounds wash over you.

2. Take mini breaks from your daily life and tune into a track of your choice

We all lead very busy and full lives. Many of us might encounter periods of frustration, stress, or upset in our daily experience. In these times it is good to set aside 5-10 minutes, play a track from the audio library that you are drawn to, and give yourself a moment of relaxation to regroup and unwind. Each track holds within it a different and unique energy 'programed' to help you energetically recover quicker from the stress of life and to help you tune in more deeply to the quality in which it holds.

3. Play a track to bring energy to a space or ritual

These tracks are designed to shift the energy of a space - the physical space, mental, emotional, and spiritual space. It's a little more complex than this, and some additional steps may be required on your part to make it really "fill the space" (such as setting an intention that it do so), but nonetheless when a track is played the energy will present itself. Some of them you might play and feel the vibration change immediately and others it might take a little bit more effort to tune into but regardless they are available for use in altering the atmosphere to support deeper connection. If you feel you need a positive energetic infusion into your space or some support for a ritual, there are many tracks to choose from that can assist you in this process. More tracks to be added later that will specifically be designed for this without the need for your intention to guide it.

4. Clear and release energetic blockages for deep relaxation before sleep

There are many benefits to reserving some mindful reflection and practice time before sleeping. For many people, silence can be difficult to aide in relaxation as the mind might begin to race, thinking about various events that occurred that day. This is where having some soothing audio tracks can be helpful in winding down the mind chatter and bringing the body to a softer and more serene state - a perfect primer for a deep and restful sleep. We will work on developing some tracks that convey deep and restful sleep.

About the KULA Audio Library

The ParaNadam KULA platform plays host to an ever-growing library of audio tracks to support mindful practice and spiritual attunement. The audio library features 4 playlists: Kirtan, Japa or repetitive chant tracks, Mantra Music, and Energy Transmission tracks. Learn more about all that the KULA has to offer by clicking here.

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