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January Full Moon - Favorable for New Beginnings!

There will be a full moon in Pushya nakshatra on Thursday, January 25. Pushya is symbolized by the udder of a cow. Since cows are sacred in the Vedic tradition, this is the most auspicious and lucky constellation in the sky. It is ruled by Brihaspati (Jupiter) who is the guru of the gods, giving it a connection to teachers and experts. Its shakti is the power to create spiritual energy and raise the vibration. 

This full moon is favorable for new beginnings of any kind: spiritual practices, business ventures, health habits, relationships, etc. If there is something you can intentionally and deliberately begin on Thursday morning, do it! 

The symbology of the udder relates to motherhood and supports gratitude towards the mother figures in your life. The archetype of the mother relates to nurturing, understanding, security, and kindness. Whether or not you experienced the positive or lacking side of these qualities is determined by the moon in your own natal chart and whether it is afflicted. For this full moon, it is helpful to think about your own ability to nurture and to be kind and if there are things you can start doing – or stop doing – to improve in this area.

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