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Astrology Corner: Mercury Retrograde

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

When seen from our planet, sometimes it appears that other planets are moving in reverse, though it's an optical illusion. When that happens, the planet is identified as being retrograde. Since every planet signifies different things, when it goes retrograde, the qualities of that planet are affected for that period of time. In general, it is a time for being internal/ reflective/ refining as it relates to the qualities of that planet.

Today, Mercury goes retrograde for about three weeks. Since Mercury represents communication, it is a time with an increased chance for misunderstandings, missed appointments, or contractural disputes. After all, communication affects many aspects of our lives. This is not the optimal time for beginning new projects or signing documents, if it can be avoided. If it can’t, simply having that awareness and double checking your work can be very helpful. Mercury retrograde is a good time for refining and improving things that have already begun and confirming meetings or appointments. Do give people the benefit of the doubt in case you misunderstood their meaning or intention. Schedule more time for organizing, reflecting, meditating, and/or journaling.

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