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A time to Reflect, Meditate & pay Respect to your Lineage

There will be a full moon in Magha nakshatra in Leo on Saturday 24, 2024. Magha means ‘the great one’ and is symbolized by a royal throne room. Its shakti is the power to leave the body and its desire is to flourish in the world of the ancestors. It is ruled by the Pitris, the deified ancestors. It’s a constellation that has natural respect for ancestors, traditions, and older people. It attracts wealth, is naturally intuitive and aware of subtle energies. It is associated with leaving the body as sometimes occurs in meditation or near-death experiences. 

This weekend is a wonderful time to reflect, meditate, and consider the lineage or family tree. It is beneficial to give respect to the elders and think about members of your family who have passed away. It’s a good time to remember the impermanence of life and give gratitude for the time you’ve been given. Surrender, let go of control, and practice the art of allowing life to unfold without resisting the moment. 

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